Introducing Artano NFT Pool [ARTA]

Hey everyone, Matt here, CEO at Artano, the most ambitious NFT art/collector marketplace. I’m a digital nomad, software dev, with years of experience in full stack development, and I’ve been luring in the crypto space since 2018. I plan to use this pool to fund my NFT startup, so I hope you like the idea :slight_smile:

4 KVM/VPS machines, BP on 8GB, Relays on 4GB, distributed around the world, Ubuntu 20.04, 1Gb/s max speed, 99.99% uptime

  • Pool redundancy (if applicable)

Relays files zipped and ready to deploy in an hour if anything goes down, 3 relays scattered around the world. Scripts for building the whole node from scratch.

  • Operator experience

Software dev with years of experience, studied in the US, moved around after that, currently working as a consultant. First time I saw the Linux shell was when I was 4 years old, but I took a long break and I’m more on the app side of things now.

  • Why should users check out your pool?

I will use the funds of these pool to fund my startup Artano. The pool will be a steady income stream to top up the payment for the developer team. We aim to bring gas fees down and allow any artists to join. Currently most NFT platforms are too expensive or have a too high barrier to entry. This is a pool that aims to bring Cardano adaption forward and I hope you see the value in that. You can access our pool info here: [ARTA] Artano NFT Pool | Cardano Staking
I am working on monitoring right now…

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