Artano - The NFT Art Marketplace is Releasing the first art Auction on its platform, with a global council of artists and curators from 5 continents and 10+ countries!

Hey everyone,

As you might have heard, Artano is a global, user-driven NFT marketplace in the making. We aim to aid artists from unprivileged socio-economic, educational and other backgrounds. With this in mind we have formed a council of 15 members from all over the world. They will curate the art on our platform, act as a quality filter for spam, copyright issues and impersonation. We want to use their different styles, life experiences and perspectives to make a diverse and unique set of pieces for our collectors.

We don’t want to claim the first art auction on Cardano badge, since we’re not sure if anyone has done one before, but we are for sure the first ones who are curating a global art auction with an aim to aid artists from different socio-economic backgrounds and help us fund our project through this auction.

We’re also releasing an NFT minter (Artamint), which will allow you to mint NFTs for minimum fees!!!

Exciting times :smiley: !!!

Here’s the update video: Artano. MAY UPDATE - YouTube

You can support us by following our social media accounts, like twitter:


voting for us on project catalyst Fund5:

Enjoy, stay safe and stay cool and supportive as you are Cardanians!

Matt, CEO @ Artano


NFT minter?!that’s excited!

Hey Benno, you can actually use to mint your NFTs :slight_smile: