Introducing Artano, the first curated, art-focused NFT marketplace on Cardano!

The day is finally here! We went live!

Artano is the first limited, high-quality NFT marketplace on Cardano!

Apeirogon is our “introductory” collection. It features 64 artists, some of them from Ethereum, Tezos and the traditional art world. We have a strong focus on brining top talent to Cardano, from all walks of life and geographic regions, and we hope that our marketplace will set an example of a high-quality NFT marketplace for professional artists, curators and collectors.

We’re also community-curated, which means that over time, more and more users will be able to select artists they want to see on Artano. They will vote on each application via our token $ARTA. Our plan is to release community-curation in 2022.

Here’s some of the art already minted on Apeirogon:

“Kokabiel The Burning Light”, Peter Mohbecher: | A community-driven NFT marketplace.

“Banana Annunciation” by iSteef: | A community-driven NFT marketplace.

“Threefold I” by Alexia Rubod: | A community-driven NFT marketplace.

“Jealousy” by Sacred: | A community-driven NFT marketplace.

The event is running from December 10-17, and we’ll leave the marketplace open after this introductory drop.

Good luck collecting everyone, and let us know if you have any questions!