Cardano Foundation CEO Frederik Gregaard discusses the future of Cardano with the Crypto Valley Association

Cardano Foundation CEO Frederik Gregaard discusses the future of Cardano with the Crypto Valley Association

ZUG, 15 OCTOBER 2020. We are delighted to share that the Cardano Foundation’s newly appointed CEO, Frederik Gregaard, has recently outlined his vision for the future of Cardano during an exclusive interview with the Swiss-based Crypto Valley Association.

The interview, available to listen to below, is one of Frederik’s first public addresses as CEO of the Foundation, and we hope you are interested to listen to his perspectives on the wider blockchain industry, learn more about his motivations and passions, and explore where he will steer the Cardano Foundation and the Cardano blockchain now and into the future.

But first, let’s discover what the Crypto Valley Association is, and discover its relationship to the Cardano Foundation and the wider blockchain industry.

What is the Crypto Valley Association?

Switzerland, long famed for its welcoming regulatory environment and forward-thinking approach to new financial services innovations, has been particularly friendly to distributed ledger technology (DLT) and its associated financial products—such as digital assets, smart contracts, and decentralized applications.

Looking to incubate and boost the adoption of blockchain technology, the Crypto Valley Association was formed in Zug, Switzerland; a bustling hub of DLT and financial technology innovation.

The Crypto Valley was founded in the halcyon days of blockchain back in July 2013, by Johann Gevers. First initiated to provide support for individuals and startups working in the Swiss blockchain industry, the Crypto Valley quickly became more than just a facilitative environment for crypto startups, and instead transformed into a leading ecosystem of DLT projects working towards a common goal.

To meet demand, the Crypto Valley Association was formed in 2017, designed to coordinate, accelerate, and scale the reach of blockchain technology throughout Switzerland and around the world. The Crypto Valley Association now counts multinationals such as PwC and Thomson Reuters among its members, as well as familiar blockchain fintech organizations, such as Cardano Foundation and its partner Lykke Corp.

As many of our community may know, Zug is also home to the Cardano Foundation’s headquarters, and the Foundation has long enjoyed a close collaboration and understanding with the Crypto Valley Association.

This includes working towards common goals, such as our joint participation in the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA), the Global Digital Finance (GDF) group, as well as the Foundation’s participation in several Crypto Valley working groups. Likewise, the Cardano Foundation has been featured in the Crypto Valley venture capital arm’s (CV VC) ‘Crypto Valley Top 50’ for three consecutive years.

The CVA Podcast

The Crypto Valley Association (CVA) Podcast brings together industry leaders from across the blockchain space to voice their perspectives on wide-ranging DLT themes. Hosted by Sheraz Ahmed, the CVA Podcast has previously featured speakers from world-leading organizations such as PwC, Ledger, blockchain technology startups, and more.

Frederik’s interview will be the opening podcast for CVA’s season two 2020, giving an insightful view into the blockchain industry during what has been a truly testing and extraordinary year.

Listen to the full podcast below and discover what Frederik has in store for the Cardano Foundation as we head full speed into 2021.


I would love for Frederik to come on The Cardano Aura and talk more about the future of The Cardano Foundation.


@bigpey Hi Peyton great to meet you, and thank you for your support and engagement in the community. I am sure that can be organised. Did you speak to the community team yet so we can schedule the details and scope?
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The future is looking brighter for Cardano. Glad to be part of this.

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Thank you for your response. I did reach out to the community team and the schedule/scope is being worked out.

Thank you for being open to podcasts, looking forward to it.

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@bigpey awesome. Looking forward. Can you send me a link to your podcast.




Cardano community (especially SPOs) would love to see you on a community podcast.
Already looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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Here is the link to one with Sebastien from Emurgo:

Here’s another with the creator of

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Hi Schweta great to make your acquaintance. We will record 5 of these on friday.

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Hi Frederik,

It’s great to hear from you :blush:

Thank you so much for letting us know.

Extremely looking forward to it already :blush:

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