The Cardano Foundation’s first CEO, Frederik Gregaard, says hello from Switzerland

The Cardano Foundation’s first CEO, Frederik Gregaard, says hello from Switzerland

Hello Cardano Community,

My name is Frederik Gregaard, and as many of you will know, I have recently joined the Cardano Foundation as its first Chief Executive Officer (CEO). I am delighted to share more of my story with the wider Cardano community, including a little about my background in traditional finance and banking.

I joined the Cardano Foundation in October 2020, and it has been an incredibly busy couple of months. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed finding out how the Cardano Foundation works, discovering our role in the ecosystem, as well as our relationship with the other entities who are building Cardano. I have also been paying careful attention to areas where we can improve, and what the Cardano ecosystem needs from us.

My experience in traditional finance, banking, and digital transformation, spanning over a decade, will help me deliver the milestones of the Cardano Foundation.

Before joining the Foundation, I led PwC Switzerland’s Digital Accelerator and Experience Center, which drove digital adoption across multiple diverse industries. In this role, and during my time as an advisor, I had the opportunity to guide regulators, multinational banks, and asset managers on how digital business models will impact their sector, and helped multiple stakeholders discover how technology such as blockchain and digital assets will affect their businesses in the short to medium-term.

I have also had the pleasure of serving as a mentor for several fintech start-ups, participating in innovative fintech incubators, and working alongside a large number of Swiss fintech companies, which has given me a broad circle of contacts to share my vision for Cardano with.

Above all, I am motivated and highly passionate about how blockchain technology can enable new business models, and bringing trust back into banking and finance.

In my spare time, when I have some, I am an avid trail runner! You can learn more about me by watching my video introduction below.


:slight_smile: Glad to have a nature lover running things at Cardano!


Great to meet you Frederik, you sound like a wonderful human being with a great positive outlook. Wish you the best in your endeavors with the Cardano Foundation and its growth to full legitimacy. I am with you :slight_smile:

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Welcome and hope you enjoy it all.
Keep up the trail running! :slight_smile: