Cardano Foundation Grants

Hello everyone

This post is meant to introduce all of you to Questbook.

Questbook offers a Web3 native platform that allows for the development and ongoing management of grants programs, including those focused on transparency and community, like with Cardano. With our platform, all actions happen on-chain and all the code is open-sourced.

We have engaged with a variety of different kinds of organizations since our formation and have built a platform that we believe grows community involvement and streamlines the grants management lifecycle end to end. You can read a bit more about the different kinds of organizations we have worked with in the article I recently wrote that is linked below:

One area we have commonly seen as challenging for Foundations and DAOs to address is that of transparency and accountability. The core ethos of Web3 and what has drawn many of us to interest in decentralized governance revolves around the potential that these networks can unlock but, in practice, solving these kinds of challenges and building strong systems is very difficult, to say the least.

We have developed an approach we call Delegated Domain Allocators. We have begun working with Protocol DAOs (most notably our work with Compound, proposal linked below) and we believe that this approach could help to provide a structure that balances community participation, proposal oversight, and transparency.

With this approach, the grant budget will be managed by key community stakeholders (known as a domain allocators). Each of these individuals would have the expertise and be recognized across their respective domains. The performance of each of these domain allocators will be publicly viewable and auditable using rich dashboards.

We would welcome the opportunity to engage with this community and its stakeholders to discuss how our experience and platform may be of value and help to build greater accountability and transparency while still allowing for a streamlined approach that scales with community engagement.