Cardano Foundation’s communiqué on suspicious activities in Japan

Cardano Foundation’s communiqué on suspicious activities in Japan

We have recently received reports with regards to activities from someone claiming to be from, or are contracted by, BTCNEXT, a company registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean. The individuals claiming to be from BTCNEXT/contracted by BTCNEXT say they personally know the core members of Cardano and that investments with them were thus “safe”.

Neither the Cardano Foundation nor any of its ecosystem partners are in any way associated with BTCNEXT, and they are also not our partners of any sort.

Any claims otherwise are false and do not correspond with reality. Please beware of any suspicious claims and conduct thorough due diligence.

Thus, we strongly urge you not to send your ada to any third-party entities which claim to have partnerships with Cardano or officials from the entities within the Cardano ecosystem. We will never ask you to send your funds (assets) to us.

The Cardano Foundation takes any dissemination of scams, fraudulent information and FUD as a serious violation and breach of trust toward the community.

Please consult with our Cardano Ambassadors and the Community Management Team officials if you notice anything suspicious. Please also make sure you follow our official channels to ensure you always have our latest official information.

Twitter: and

Please also check out our detailed Forum post about “How to stay clear from scams, fake apps and fake officials”, as well as our “Stay Safe Series”.


:exclamation:The Platinum Management team is concerned over the recent miscommunication regarding the situation with ADA and would like, once again, to clarify the matter.

:point_right: No official channel has ever stated that Cardano and BTCNEXT are entering into any sort of a partnership. Anyone who is claiming anything else is spreading misinformation.

:point_right: BTCNEXT listed ADA as one of the trading options. ADA is also listed as one of the products on QDAO DeFi.

:point_right: Platinum Software Development company will never request your personal assets. Your investments - be it in Cardano or BTCNEXT - are your personal decisions. Be sure to follow our latest updates to remain informed.

:point_right: Platinum Software Development Company strongly opposes scamming and financial fraud attempts and thus urges everyone to fact-check any news about BTCNEXT, Noah Project and QDAO DeFi

Platinum Engineering ltd

Quite a contradictory message to the usual mocking of cardano (borderline trollish example here as a way to promote oneself), also makes me wonder the skillset when one isnt able to run a basic wallet.

My personal view (not representing my role) towards users would be staying alarmingly cautious and verifying 10 times before engaging in such endeavours.


You seem to think ada holders are idiots:

That Daedalus wallet - is the most useless and the most expansive crypto wallet throughout history. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

And let me remind you that guys collected a billion dollars and have no real case to show.

(TG msg linked above)

I guess that’s why you believe some of them will be stupid enough to hand over their holdings and “stake” through you rather than simply doing it themselves via Daedalus or Yoroi.


Dear Anton-san.

First of all thank you for your comment.

The second thing you would like to convey to you is to devise the wording and stop trying to resolve misunderstandings.

You said that will not ask you to send personal funds, but the same applies to sending money to the exchange.

It is true that Platinum has not announced that BTCNEXT and Cardano will work together. However, the logo you used when sharing information on Twitter etc.

could have been misunderstood as being affiliated.

It is also true that the final investment should be at your own risk.

However, the side that provides the service or advertises also has to take responsibility for that part, and it should be done correctly.

And on September 16, 2019, you made a comment that criticizes Cardano using a joke that is popular in the developer community.

Please apologize to the Cardano developers and the Cardano community for that matter.

And finally, You may not be malicious, you’re told to check some official news and official channels, but not just Cardano, but your project as well.

This place the Cardano Forum.

You may not be malicious, but you should refrain from using expressions that would result in advertising.

I’m sorry if this message makes you uncomfortable.

Thank you for listening.


Dear Yuta Uchino san! thank you for helping me to resolve this issue

  1. yes. we used the logo of CARDANO when sharing information on Twitter etc.
    ANSWER: the logos of public blockchains are free to use, because this is OPEN sourced projects. please correct me if i am wrong. if this lead to any misunderstanding - my apologies
  2. You said - true that the decision to do investment is a risk. while we are creating our products (BTCNEXT and QDAO DeFi) - we trying to create a SAFE environment , and securely keep money of our customers. i know many cases when some Japanese ( and not only Japanese) exchanges were hacked. we have learned all these cases, and we will protect customers money no matter what!
    i will repeat and repeat - probably interface of Platinum s project are not super easy to understand, but same time - the security of all Platinum s project - unprecedented super strong and certainly reliable
  3. Yes you are right - i made a statement that Cardano is “most expensive and useless wallet” , and i want to apologize for my unreasonable words.
    lets me try to explain:
    3.1. I used to be a bit skeptical about Cardano, doubting the efficiency of the project😕
    i hold significant ammount of Cardano since december 2017.

and after 2 years of cardano price sinking: 7 cents…5 cents…3 cents - i started to sell some of Cardano, eventualy i sold half of my personal cardano until december 2019.

I despaired of waiting for a price increase.
and I was disappointed in Cardano. so far i lost around 350 000 USD (~ 35 000 000 JPY)’
i hope you understand me - when you lost so much money - you can be a bit disappointed.

3.2. However, I’ve been tracking the progress of the Cardano team and saw the amazing things they achieved. i sought - Cardano price will never recover, even they are creating a genius software…
And yes, I was wrong☺️

3.3 Cardano has great developers - as engineer, I do respect their professionalism :muscle:
most of Blockchain projects are moving ahead because of the talented people like these Cardano developers👍

3.5 so , i ask Cardano community to forgive me. i made a statement by being disappointed after i lost money in Cardano investment.

  1. regarding QDAO DeFi and BTCNEXT.
    we have many coins listed in these projects. including CARDANO.
    this projects ARE NOT scam or HYPE.
    btcnext - is exchange.
    QDAO DeFi - is a typical DeFi service. DeFi industry are raising currently in the world. if you want to know more how DeFi is working you can refer to this FORBES articles:

95% of money which we are holding at BTCNEXT or QDAO DeFi are kept on COLD wallets.
not just regular COLD wallets, but very secured cold wallets with implementing of security policies similar to banking industry

thank you for reading this text.
one more time my apologies for any misunderstanding!

co-founder of Platinum Engineering

i made my apologies below and explained why i had this kind of opinion. pls check

The trademark policy for use of logo can be found here - section 2.2.5 - 2.2.9 in particular.

Sorry to say but this leaks lack of understanding of market as well as professionalism , especially coming from representative of an exchange - your investment choices and market conditions and quality/content/progress of project are not necessarily attached or allow deducing facts. Especially the way it was done was specifically to promote yourself at the expense of other projects on an invalid analogy.

The whole approach towards bashing project while price is going low and then promoting as if you’re well connected to people within this ecosystem when you see market is doing well comes across as very fishy and naive.

Lastly, a small correction for your blog:

Shelley’s launch is scheduled for June 30th though it could be postponed till 7th July.

The dates for mainnet fork to upgrade to shelley is clearly said to be 29th July (30th June - 7th July was for code release), check the source here.

The developers promise a x50-100 increase to the decentralized blockchain network compared to the existing network. It will support approximately 1,000 pools – which sounds solid

You cannot make a promise on behalf of cardano developers. Yes, it is expected that there will be a lot of pools - and it may easily cross the said figures, but an estimate of how many pools will run is not a “promise from developers”.


I heard that BTCNEXT received a warning from the FSA last December but neither the exchange, nor yourself (own company) has halted facilitating any and all of their services to the Japanese (Cardano) community via (first) offline meetups in Japan (while ‘visiting’ Japan), online meetups (still ongoing), or your websites.

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