Cardano Google Page 1 Realestate

I wanted to thank twitter @cardano for gaining valuable page 1 Google search realestate. Paying for placement isnt always needed, and the feed is dynamite…

However, what I experienced was an inconsistant display when I searched.




Wouldn’t that be a google search page and/or chrome browser problem? Or am I misunderstanding the issue?

Sort of, its actually reflective of the way the Twitter account is set up and used. This creates the footprint. Having multiple Cardano feeds isnt helping, but not the only way to make it consistantly appear.

The best way for the community to provide lift is to follow (easy), retweets are important. Hashtags are too.

I would like to take a role around this. Although I feel within the team are amazing talents, the clarity framework around the social presence could be more solidified. That would increase its effectiveness and provide the benefit of information making its way to the target.

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Love Cardano Wiki btw, thats one of the gems that need to be strung.

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Very nice to hear, Jeffrey! It does need more volunteer effort though… :wink:

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