Cardano Governance - SanchoNet

The SanchoNet GovTool enables ada holders to experience some of the governance features described in CIP-1694 and to test governance features in SanchoNet through a guided and straightforward experience. The SanchoNet GovTool is currently open for beta testing and can be accessed at

Who can participate in Sancho Net you ask?

  1. Developers : Engage in crafting and the evolution of Cardano’s governance future

  2. Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) : SanchoNet SPOs are the lifeblood of the network. They forge the blocks for all other members.

3.Delegated Representatives (D-Reps)* : Elected governing bodies, representing the community’s interests in voting on governance actions. So you can go ahead and delegate your votes over to a Drep, who in return will be in charge of making voting decisions for you.

Sancho Net ‘s RoadMap :

Let’s look at the development phases of Sancho Net:

  1. Phase 1 : Submitting new governance actions, SPO’s voting,
  2. Phase 2 : D-Rep registration, voting and delegation.
  3. Phase 3 : Voting on governance actions and viewing results.
  4. Phase 4 : Protocol parameter and treasury actions voting.
  5. Phase 5 : Voting on a new committee and no confidence votes. HERE we are
  6. Phase 6 : Submitting and voting on hard fork governance actions.

To sum up, Sancho Net goes beyond being a mere testing environment; it’s a collaborative hub where we come together to build a resilient, decentralized governance framework for Cardano.

So Whether you’re an SPO, a D-Rep, or a developer, your input will define the path of Cardano’s governance. Let’s collaborate and shape the future together!

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