Cardano in full effect

When Cardano is in full effect, will it take over the blockchain world?Scalability is what everyone is waiting on
is’t it?
If it is open source why don’t I just copy it and call it Cardanoerum :slight_smile: when this site asked me to upload a photo of myself I wanted to but didn’t know how,so there is no chance of that.

Have fun everyone,

When it is so new that even the roadmap isnt yet open.
This is the available roadmap: Cardano Roadmap
I heard many times that the project is meant to be fully open.

copy, and stay staggered? or keep being pushed by an awesome team and investment company?

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You don’t take with you the experts that has put in the work into Cardano. You could hire new people, but they will never have the same depth of understanding. Research is also not published real-time. Only those that has a big chance of passing peer-review will be published. Hard-forks will always have to play catch-up. In summary, Cardano team as a whole will always have a big advantage.