Cardano meet Artamint, Artano’s minting service that offers unlimited, two-week "free" minting! It’s the most affordable minting service on Cardano!

Hey everyone,

Mateja here, CEO @ Artano the NFT Marketplace on Cardano.

I’m really happy to share that Artano is gearing up for its first service! Cardano meet Artamint - our minting service where you can mint your NFTs at the minimal possible cost. For the first two weeks, we’ve decided to waive all fees from our side. You’ll only have to pay networks fees!

After the initial two-week period, we’d take 1₳ to cover the server costs, which currently brings the total fees to around 1.5₳ per mint.

How it works:

  • You go to our Artamint webage:
  • You click on “Mint Now”
  • You fill out the info about your NFT (Careful, once you’ve minted your NFT, you can’t change it!)
  • You claim your minting code using your email address
  • You go to your email and copy your minting code
  • You pay 4 ADA using your wallet (we deduct the fees and return the rest to you) and your NFT is on the blockchain! YAY!
  • Bonus: you can now show your NFT through artamint itself, even on mobile!

If you have any questions, you can of course reach out on Twitter (@artano__io) or Telegram (@artanonftmarketplace)! We can’t wait to see your minted pieces, and thank you for supporting us thus far!

Here’s a sneak-peek of our page :slight_smile:

PS. you can read more about how to support our project on project catalyst, Fund5:

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