Cardano Multi-Asset Bulk Sender

At PHRCK, we increasingly find ourselves in situations where we need to send ADA to a lot of people. And since March 2021, it’s not even just ADA but also Cardano native tokens that we need to distribute.

What started as just some fun giveaway activities to promote our community stake pool, quickly became very burdensome - costly both in time and money.

Say for example, you need to send 5 ADA each to 100 people. Back then, you needed to do this one by one; which means paying the transaction fee of usually 0.17xxxx ADA and waiting for at least a few blocks around 20 seconds apart for each transaction to be finalized.

Let’s say we put the average time for each transaction at 40 seconds. That means it will take 4,000 seconds or about 1 hour and 6 mins to do all this manually. And you’ll end up spending around 17 ADA in transaction fees!

We have the option, of course, to do this bulk sending via the command line. But it’s equally cumbersome and prone to errors. This also severely limits the people who can do it. Not everyone is able and willing to submit transactions via the command line.

This is why we created our Cardano multi-asset bulk sender tool — a web-based graphical user interface for sending ADA and native tokens in bulk.

It lets you send to multiple recipients in a single transaction, saving you a lot of time and a lot of ADA in transaction fees. And we’ve been using it since February 2021.

Here’s an example of a transaction sending both ADA and native tokens to 119 different recipients in 1 single transaction, costing only 1.06 ADA transaction fee:

You can try the tool here.


This is awsome. Will try it.

Thank you for this, makes it so much easier!!

Awesome! :clap:t2::muscle: