Multi adress payements

How to send ADA to several wallets at once ?

I want to send 100 times 1 USD worth of ADA to incentivize students in Côte d’Ivoire to open and keep an eye on Cardano. I don’t want to pay 1 USD worth of fee for each of the 100 transactions.

I heard of multi-sig transation on Bitcoin and Understand that in the UTXO seveleral adress send to one adress in common. That’s what big exchange do. But is it possible the other way round ? One adress sending to many ? If so, how ?

You could use the CLI for that and specify there several outputs in a single tx. I never tried that many outputs at once, and you might hit the maximum tx size before reaching a 100 outputs … calculate fees accordingly as well !

Thank you Psychomb for you answer.

I was hoping for an exisiting open code base with a web interface where people could register their adress and an admin interface running the Cardano client warning of fees as you mention.
The guild-operators scripts will probably be usefull then.

What is your point of view on the fees’ computation? Know that you mention explicitly their calculation I recall that part of the fee is the tx size which depends on the number adresses. I need to go back to the docs. thank you.

You can calculate it using cardano-cli transaction calculate-min-fee.