Is it possible in one transaction to mint NFT, send it to address A and send some ADA to address B?

Hi, I’m having fun with NFT minting. I have a flow where user

  1. Send ~0.17 to mint nft from address A to address B.
  2. Address B (vkey,skey) mint NFT and send it to address A.
  3. Address B send ADA to address C.

How to do it in a minimal amount of transactions?

Yes, this can be done in one transaction as long as the transaction minimum ADA requirement is met. For example, address A could send 4 ADA to address B. Address B can mint the NFT and deliver it to address A along with about 1.4 ADA. Then deliver the remaining ADA to address C.


Hello, everyone. Can you please tell how is it possible using Cardano-CLI JS.

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Hi kris, thanks for the clear explanation. Do you have some example code for studying purpose? I mean for the single transaction. I would really appreciate this, I’m a newbie in Cardano and I really like to study on it. Thank you in advance for you response. @kris.henderson76

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For a starting point you can look at the function “create_mint_nft_transaction_file” here: at main · TheCardRoomNFT/ · GitHub

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Thanks mate! Is this a sample about receiving the payment and mint in only one transaction?
If you don’t mind, can I reach you out privately? Something like telegram, discord or whatever you prefer! It’s hard to find someone with common interests. I’ve been a web developer for 10 years now, and I’m approaching Cardano recently.

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So this is done in 2 transactions? One from A to B to send ADA and the last one to mint the NFT and send it back to A and rest to C?

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Yes. It’s done in two transactions. It’s possible to do in one transaction if the user minting the NFT can sign the transaction as well. It will require some coordination between the user wallet / website, back-end server, and node where the transaction is submitted to get both parties to sign the transaction before it is submitted to the blockchain.

Check this thread on twitter:

Sure. you can find me in Discord. SuperKK#5404