Is it possible in one transaction to mint NFT, send it to address A and send some ADA to address B?

Hi, I’m having fun with NFT minting. I have a flow where user

  1. Send ~0.17 to mint nft from address A to address B.
  2. Address B (vkey,skey) mint NFT and send it to address A.
  3. Address B send ADA to address C.

How to do it in a minimal amount of transactions?

Yes, this can be done in one transaction as long as the transaction minimum ADA requirement is met. For example, address A could send 4 ADA to address B. Address B can mint the NFT and deliver it to address A along with about 1.4 ADA. Then deliver the remaining ADA to address C.

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Hello, everyone. Can you please tell how is it possible using Cardano-CLI JS.