Affect on Cardano network using multiple payment addresses

Hi All

Bit of a random question, but hoping someone might have some ideas. I’ve noticed with NFT drops, that there will be one payment address used for all minted NFT’s. So thats one address receiving up to 10,000 transactions if not more, the node then mints the NFT and it’s sent back to the buyer. Several projects over the last few days have had real issues with the network congestion and wallets being able to keep up.

Would there be any advantage to using one unique payment address per NFT? So instead of one payment address receiving thousands of transactions and having to submit the transactions for minting and then sending the tokens to the buyer, there would be one payment address per transaction.

Would this make the congestion worse / better or make no difference at all?

Just to touch the cost and one address per NFT question, that would require you to have token deposit for each NFT, ie 1.5 ADA * 10K tokens = 15000ADA.