How will Cardano Native Tokens handle airdrops?

Currently, one of the big problems of doing an airdrop of an ERC-20 token is the extremely high cost.

I just checked and if I would like to send an airdrop to 1,000 addresses I wouldhave to pay US$14,000 in transaction fees. Yes, you read it well, US$14,000 :astonished:

If Cardano could tackle this big pain, I’m sure a lot of people that are thinking of minting a new token will seriously prefer Cardano over Ethereum.

So, how will Cardano handle airdrops? Will it require a smart contract? What would be the aprox cost of doing an airdrop to 10,000 addresses?


It seems like as long as the utxo total is 1 ada then you can build yourself an airdrop to many addresses all at once. It would be the same as a one to many transaction with build-raw with additional coins.

I think, it has the exactly the same feature (not issue/bug), as it would require at least 1000*(1+utxo fee)+rest of the tx fee .

Though, I think they will reduce that 1 ADA (specified in the shelley genesis’ minUTxOValue), to some more reasonable value.

Good question. How many wallets can you send tokens to in one transaction?