Token sending fees

Why are the token sending fees 10x higher then regular Ada transaction fees (which you pay on top of it)
Pools profit but from token creators point I have to pay 1,5 ADA for every sending and doing Airdrop so goes to big fees

Hi. It’s not the fees, the ADA tokens you have to include is something defined by the protocol and it says that a native token cannot be a single part of an UTXO but ADA needs to go along with it.

The amount of ADA depends on the type of the native token and their amount.

Please see the following links:

Token deposit:

Minimum ADA requirement:

Online min ADA calculator:

If you mint a token and want to send it to someone, usually you would first ask the other party to send you some ADA so you can cover the mandatory token deposit described above in the first link.


Thank you for the info!