Cardano Node 1.24.2 Installation Cabal Build not creating the dist-newstyle/build/* files Ubuntu 18.04 32bit

Hi guys,
First of all thank you all for your hard work on Cardano, this amazing project and how decentralization organically comes into existence is the pinnacle of evolution!

Okay so I’ll start at the beginning.
I’m using the tutorial to setup a Node from this link.
I want to run a Cardano-Node on my 32bit Ubuntu 18.04 machine.
I could not run the 64bit cabal file that was included in the tutorial:

Instead I browsed to “cabal-install-” and got myself an i386 alternative file.

Then for GHC same thing happened

ghc-8.10.2-x86_64-deb9-linux.tar.xz wasnt working so instead I got myself an i386 file again found in the source folder.

Now of course I ran

cabal clean

cabal update

cabal build all

The next step is to copy the files from dist-newstyle/build/x86_64-linux, this is where progress stops, as the folder does not exist for me.

This is the last command issued: cabal build all, the end of the log is the following:

Warning: Requested index-state2020-11-15T00:00:00Z is newer than
''! Falling back to older state (2020-11-14T23:50:07Z).
Resolving dependencies...
cabal: Could not resolve dependencies:
[__0] next goal: cardano-crypto-class (user goal)
[__0] rejecting: cardano-crypto-class-2.0.0 (conflict: pkg-config package
libsodium-any, not found in the pkg-config database)
[__0] fail (backjumping, conflict set: cardano-crypto-class)
After searching the rest of the dependency tree exhaustively, these were the
goals I've had most trouble fulfilling: cardano-crypto-class

So there you have it, it think I mentioned most details of the current setup.
Help would be greatly appreciated guys!
Many thanks in advance.



I think U need to install libsodium first;


Normally I did… I’ll try again

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Thank you very much!
The node is now building on my machine.

Reinstalling Libsodium did the trick!

Listened this great futuristic music from Black Mesa Half-Life Remake as I saw it build <3

The future welcomes us with open arms through the present moment, blockchain changes everything.

To the future guys! Cardano will be GREAT.

Grtz Mex

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