Cardano-node 1.35.5, validation full blockchain loop. does not stop at 100%

I am looking for help trouble shooting Relay node.

Re: state and completion of sync.

seems validation runs from 1-3879 progress 99.9%, then just loops back to zero and starts validation all over…infinite loop.

should it remain in a completed state? or continue to validate chunks endlessly?



You need to see what’s in the logs. Probably journalctl -f -n 50 -u cnode.service will do that. Replace cnode with your actual service name, if it is not cnode (which is the service name if you use cntools).


I’m having save problem. Is there a solution?

double check your RAM should be 32Gb plus.
double check your HDD space (500GB min)
sudo update/upgrade
make sure cabal/haskell are correct library version.

rebuild node again.
also…node starts automatically when you reboot (if using CoinC) so starting node could start 2nd and 3rd instances.

check systemctr to see whats running after stopping node.

use ghcup.
this is what i have:

node 1.35.6
ghc 8.10.7


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Had the same issue.
After a restart, it looped through validating chunk # 1-4180 1-99.9% repeatedlely.

had to give it back its desired
RAM >= 32Gb
HDD >= 500GB.
I had previously reduced those values, after instance reached 100% sync, in order to save the world.