Node fails to synchronize


I’m trying to setup my own stake pool with the help of the CoinCashew guide. But I’ve been stuck at a problem for a couple of days now.

The guide tells me to synchronize the node and check it with gLiveView. So I let the node sync up overnight, and when I check it in the morning it’s at around 80% synced and still working. But when I check a couple of hours later it’s at around 90% and the node gets stuck without any incoming or outgoing peers, OR the node just restarts back to 0% and displays “starting…”.

I have no idea why it does this and would really appreciate some help.


what is the hardware configuration of the node?

try journalctl -e -f -u cardano-node

do u see the killing message? can be related with insufficient memory

The memory should be enough right? I’m using 4096MB.

This is the message I get from "journalctl -e -f -u cardano-node’’

4G not enough, u will need minimum 8G RAM for 1.27.0 version


I concur. I had the same issue and had to upgrade my hardware to atleast 8GB of RAM. All nodes synced up after I had upgraded with no issue.

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Okay thanks for the feedback guys!