Node Issues after Registration

Hi Again,

I wish i could be answering questions instead of asking but i have run into another issue with my Nodes. Beginner pool operator using the coincashew setup.

I finished step 14 & 15 on coincashew, checked online and the pool is registered, everything was running and i went to bed happy. I woke up this morning to admire my work and gLive is showing my Producer Node and Relay 2 are both giving Errors:

Producer = Could not connect to a running instance, 3 failed. The script will run for about 20 min and start like normal but instantly after it syncs the error countdown (failed attempts) starts. (i originally had this issues in earlier steps on Relay 1 and changing the ram size on the server fixed that but now its back on the producer node which was also upgraded)

Screenshot from 2021-08-27 09-43-39

Relay 2 = ERROR: You specified 12788 as your EKG port, but it looks like the cardano-node (PID: 2359 ) is not listening on this port. Please update the config or kill the conflicting process first.

ERROR: gLiveView failed to load common env file
Please verify set values in ‘User Variables’ section in env file or log an issue on GitHub

Screenshot from 2021-08-27 09-43-55

Relay 1 is running
Screenshot from 2021-08-27 09-44-16

any help would be welcome, Thank you for reading!

Relay 2 started?

sudo systemctl status cardano-node

journalctl -e -f -u cardano-node

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No it hasnt anytime i run relay 2 gLive it just gives the error.

sudo systemctl status cardano-node

journalctl -e -f -u cardano-node

The topology file is not ok, go and correct it
Then restart the node

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I re-did the topology file and restarted. the Script actually started syncing. Once it synced it did the same things as the producer with the could not connect to a running instance, 3 failed attempts in a row

Screenshot from 2021-08-27 11-49-35

Wait for the node to start

type top do u see the CPU 100%? If yes have patience

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both relays are running at the moment, relay one keeps popping the error but correcting at retry (2/3). haven’t retried the producer yet. I will let It run for a while and report back soon! thank you so much

Both relays are up and running! thank you again for all your help. You are amazing!

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