Cardano Node on vps is synching terribly slow

Its the third day cardano node is loading. Its kind of strange. No high cpu usage , not a big ram usage either. Its the third day and we are on 33% , its moving 0.5% per hour or so , is that normal ?
Screenshot by Lightshot (screenshot)

VPS specifications 6 CPU Cores


400 GB SSD

400 Mbit/s Port

Is that normal at all?

U have only one IN peer ; is this ur relay?

Can u show me the topology file?

Yes please. This is my topology file.

Ok, delete the last comment… don’t provide the BP ip go to topology files and try to set valency to 3 and restart ur node check if number of IN peers will increase

“addr”: “”,
“port”: 3001,
“valency”: 1

So i will change
valency to 3 and delete this line?
{ “addr”: “”, “port”: 3001, “valency”: 1, “operator”: “Griffinholm” }

What do you mean BP?

“addr”: “”,
“port”: 3001,
“valency”: 3

BP - Block Producer

Block Producer , you mean my own node , right?

This is ur Producer or relay?

Its cardano-node proccess , Screenshot by Lightshot
Like i see it with ./LiveView tool.

Try to modify the valency to 3 and restart ur node

Should be

“addr”: “”,
“port”: 3001,
“valency”: 3

Ι changed it , but since an hour , it has risen 1% , is that normal?

Dd u restarted the node? How many IN peers have u now?

Yes , of course i did. 0 Incomming.

Seems no effect… u can set back to 1 and restart… yes sometimes it takes more time to sync (one reasson could be network speed, etc)

Well , its really strange , i did a speedtest and i am downloading on 50mb/sec (500mbps) , it doesnt makes really sense. because on my home line (50mbps) , it got downloaded in a couple of hours.


Maybe that helps?

Yes, it’s strange… I remember I had more peers when I synced my nodes… do u have the port 6000 open right?

i can add all european nodes. but does it really helps?

Nope because u need IN peers

Can i add my homr address i run dedalus manually? or some other feed node?