Cardano node peers list - what does the ? mean in the slot column

i think I have everything running fine but was curious about the peers list.

from my relay I can see my peers, including my producer
but my producer ip that shows in the list of my relay box always seems to show ??? in the slot column when I check it.

is that normal? what does that column mean.


I’m not certain this is a concern.

Do you have bidirectional communication setup between your bp and your relays? Meaning do you also have your relay(s) pointing to your block producer within your relay topology?

Also, are you seeing the block and slot height periodically increasing via checking this cli query:

cardano-cli shelley query tip --testnet-magic 42

yes, my relay topology file has my BP and 18 other relays in it.
my BP topology file only has MY relay in it
query tip works fine, I had to use that to be able to get a list of peers from the CNtools topology service.

was just more of a curiosity question, always see a ??? when i click P from the cardano console on my relay. all my other peers listed always seem to have a value there but my BP in the list is always β€˜???’