Cardano on Natural Disasters

Cryptocurrencies can’t handle natural disasters like Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Volcano Eruptions , Floods and so on … In such events only Fiat is accepted.

Could Cardano have a solution to this? If so … I’m all ears.

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Hi @Classborn

When you say

Do you mean only cash is accepted?

I presume this is because the electronic systems go down. If so then some fiat exchange mechanisms would also be unavailable.

I believe many cryptocurrencies are exploring the ability to work off-chain using temporary peer to peer networks, with any transactions being validated once access to the chain is available.

I presume that this is something Cardano will explore at some stage after the core capabilities are delivered. Especially considering the African focus and the limited access to internet there.

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Maybe not Cardano, maybe the world is changing. I think that mobile communications, and therefore internet connectivity, will be re-established ever more quickly after future disasters. It may soon get to a point where cryptocurrencies bounce back into access almost as quickly as FIAT currencies. How much cash do you have in your pocket these days?

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Yup, maybe peer to peer satellite transfers …