website is obsolete

Hi guys,

just wonder if anyone would agree. I think website has become obsolete. It doesn’t contain any recent key news, like Light Wallet release, and has a really bad representation of Cardano as a whole.

IOHK website , for example, evolves all the time, but remains the same.

The main problem is that that website is mentioned on Cardano’s Coinmarketcap page and it appears first in Google search.

I hope it’ll change with a new marketing guy.


The new guy is with Emurgo but that site is Cardano Foundation’s responsibility. But many people are well aware of this and other shortcomings, and change is possible…


I agree.
A few weeks ago I wanted to introduce Cardano to a company and wanted to share why I believe in such a team, but I couldn’t find the Cardano team members list from website nor google it out, but I swear I have once seen it!


I was just reading

" The Cardano Block Explorer can help you check transactions on the Cardano testnet, which is running now, as well as on the real version of the network, which is to be launched soon. (The Cardano Testnet is a pilot version of the network on which engineers are running tests to make sure it is operating smoothly and securely before the launch of the real network.)"

That doesn’t exude confidence. Unless I’m in the dark, I’m pretty sure CardanoExplorer is running on mainnet.

This site was the responsibility of CF and suffered accordingly but I believe it is undergoing a comprehensive update now.


I figured.

yes,i agree.