I normally don’t have to block users here, but these 15 MOSTLY CAPITALISED POSTINGS in the last 12 hours (14 of them in the first hour) have been TOO MUCH.

If “Content Creator Ambassadors” are told they must post video links here, then @moderators and @cf-team also need to give them some encouragement to do it responsibly: e.g. not post single YouTube links to the forum, spam-style with no explanatory writing at all, and in floods of sensational messaging that make it look like the forum privileges or a user’s account has been hacked. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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@jackfriks The requirement for this was dropped. You don’t have to do it, just be selective as to what you put up as you put it up.


ahh, thanks pete, was just onboarded and couldn’t see that anywhere :frowning:

It was a general meeting we had about a month ago. Some of the processes need to be updated. Especially with the amount that you and I put out. We’ll just be spamming these forums with links and videos.

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