Tone Vays and Cardano

Hi Cardano community🎉 This my my first ‘real post’ and thank you all for being here and helping to build this eco system, I believe we are being part of something special.

Below is a link which is worth being aware of as we make our way forward with Cardano (and it’s critics !!)

I have been watching various Crypto tubers for just over 3 years now (first connected with ADA Aug 2017)

I have a broad viewing history because i believe ‘you have to be prepared to kiss a few frogs before you work out who is adding to your life and who is taking away’. Incidentally i had stopped listening/ watching Tone Vays around 18 months ago as he was draining the happiness of life out of me !

However recently his video popped up as possible interesting on my Youtube list (probably because of the Cardano/ADA interest I have)

So back to Tone Vays : yes we can just ignore him, i chose to engage with him (i commented on his video).
You don’t have to watch the video although having a quick read of my and others interaction with him on the comments below the video hopefully will be useful for you when discussing the ADA eco system with people who may be a bit ‘negative’ !!!

Have Fun

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Hello and welcome to the forum @MachTwo

May i ask whats your intention with that video? Im pretty sure that Tone Vays talks about Cardano because we are getting alot of attention recently but imo that video doesnt say anything relevant for that forum, do you agree?



Hi Fabian, Thanks for response and possible heads up
Tone was doing his maxi stuff, i was just debating/commenting that there are other projects that can add value, when someone makes a comment you can ignore/comment/debate, i chose to debate when he commented on my point to his video.

Your right with your assumption when you said ‘pretty sure’ Tone Vays was commenting because of the attention, I wasn’t sure where to make my post so put it under general, for anyone out there who chooses to engage with people who may have a less than positive view of Cardano.

When you say “for that forum” what do you mean ? or where else should it have been posted, it was based on a Cardano fan out on the the Interweb coming into contact with someone with a different viewpoint, my reason for posting as i stated that it may just be useful for someone else, feel free to delete it, although i would be curious to the rationale and/or if i have broken any community rules, please advise

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Tone Vays is a Bitcoin maximalist, but does not even have anything interesting to say about Bitcoin let alone other coins.


Yep, took me a bit of time when i first got into this space, one of the best take downs you could watch was when FUD Tv reached out to Tone and fairly listen to his viewpoint (i guess FUD Tv was in the hope to find some common ground and maybe bend Tone’s view a little) it was a good debate, then after the show Tone then rubbished the chat, so FUD Tv had to do a reply to how Tone had trashed FUD Tv. I think Tone is just not a nice person and it was nice to see FUD Tv expose him as a NON trading, trader, giving out all this ‘advice’ and charging people for it and yet not even prepared to trade on his ‘own advice’, ridiculous and definitely shows Tone to be at best misleading with his opinions.

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I am not sure by doesn’t say anything relevant for that forum either

are you suggesting this should be posted in a different forum
or not on the forum at all?

I am saying that I have yet to see Tone say anything interesting to say about any cryptocurrency.


Imo Tone way is just bashing Cardano and gives absolutly no valuable information about Cardano. Hes talking about projects with alot of attention right now to attract more attention for himself to gain more money with more clicks.

What im trying to say : We shouldnt spread his content in all our forums/channels and yet we should not remain silent.

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