Cardano SL statistics

I have created a script that goes over the whole Cardano SL history and creates a stats dump.

Those stats include:

  • Total transactions number, size, and fees
  • Average transaction size and fee
  • Balance distributions among addresses
  • Total UTxO snapshot (all addresses with their balances)

There are few files:

  • Latest total snapshot
  • Historical snapshots for each: day, epoch, month, year
  • Separate file with the UTxO dump.

You can find results here:

For example, file with the total latest snapshot looks like this:

There’s an extensive readme file explaining the stats schema and format - please refer to it.

For example, stats show that (at the slot 58-12701):

  1. Top 100 addresses hold ~40.09% of all ADA, and top 10’000 addresses hold ~85.59% of all ADA, which means that 9’900 (~3.81%) addresses hold ~45% of ADA

  2. Largest portion of addresses (69’298, ~26.73%) hold between 1’000 and 9’999 ADA, and there are 115 addresses with a positive balance less than 10 lovelaces.

  3. ~159’224 (~60%) poorest addresses hold in common ~0.22% of total ADA (which is ~67 million ADA), and each of lowest 50% (~129’612) of addresses hold less than a 1000 ADA. If an address holds more than 10K ADA - it’s already in the top ~24%.

P.S. NOTE: that those are addresses, and not wallets.

P.P.S. Those are just facts I was interested in, I’m not making a point :slight_smile:

P.P.P.S. Script and the process are not automated enough yet, so I might be creating some new fresh dumps once in a while “manually”.


Nice insight

So if I understood it right, this is how the distribution of Lovelace/ADA per Address looks like in 2018-07-13

Most addresses hold a balance between 1000 - 10000 ADA


Awesome graphics! :smiley:

Yes, this is correct with the slight note that in the picture Lovelaces\ADA in the row means that these addresses hold UP TO this amount. First row with 0 log means up to 10 lovelaces :slight_smile:

So, yeah, log 8 means up to 1K ADA and log 9 - up to 10K ADA, so most addresses hold between 1K and 10K, second place is between 100 and 1000, and third place - 10K to 100K.

This is a cool way to represent this stuff, I like it! :+1:


btw, representing ADA\Lovelace column in “up to” numbers might be a bit confusing since last row shows 3 addresses with 10 billion ADA and cost of $1.4 billion per address :smiley: Of course log-stats cannot be represented accurately, but maybe showing minimal coin border would be more intuitively understandable :man_shrugging: Like, 3 addresses with a balance at least 1 billion.


Interesting stuff thanks guys!

The three addresses with a billion ADA are Charles wallet, IOHK wallet and Emurgo wallet. It’s in the initial distribution that they each got around 1.3 billion ADA (5.something billion divided)

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Basically, yes, but not quite right.

  1. Charles is not a separate part of the initial distribution (would be weird, eh?). 5 billion ADA was split among: Cardano Foundation, IOHK, and Emurgo. Charles gets the part of IOHK ADA, but only in summer 2019. You can read details in this comment

  2. Initial distribution was not equal among 3 parties. IOHK got ~2.4 billions.

  3. There’s no public knowledge about CF and Emurgo addresses

  4. You can actually see those three billionaire addresses here: Those are: IOHK, Binance, and some address who got his billion coins in January, and there are two transactions of 100 ADA and then of billion ADA, which really looks like someone just tested the address first and then dumped his stash there. Might be a private holder.


@vantuz-subhuman and @werkof can I have this chart for inserting into a web page?

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ok from my side.

  1. Largest portion of addresses (69’298, ~26.73%) hold between 1’000 and 9’999 ADA, and there are 115 addresses with a positive balance less than 10 lovelaces.

Just a clarifying question; does this mean that there are 34955 addresses that holds between 10000-100000 ADAs?

Yes, that is correct

@rickymac, absolutely!

Two questions:

  1. What does the SL in “Cardano SL” represent
  2. lovelaces? what is that?

Hi Adam,

Hi Vantuz, Thanks for the information. Can you tell us more about your scripts? Do you intend to release them at any time?

SL is Cardano Blockchain similar to the bitcoin’s Blockchain without the capacity to introduce computation features, it’s sinpke and secure

Bitcoin has Satochis that the name giving the fraction of bitcoin
Lovelaces is the equivalent of bitcoin’s satochis just corresponde to ADA

Read the information in the post of @werkof, you would have a lot of questions answered

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Thanks @ishleh and @werkof I appreciate the kind responses.

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@vantuz-subhuman Thanks for these great stats. I was planning on creating a distribution chart for the latest stats dump. Can I use this information in a YouTube video? My channel is philpa.

Yes, of course, feel free to use it! I would really appreciate if you also share the resulting video here :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Will share the video here. :grinning:

@vantuz-subhuman Here is the YouTube video I just released. Thanks for the information.


Hi philpa, nice video, but cells A11 and A12 have the same upper limit? (Put a comment on YouTube too.)

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