Inaccurate Balance in My Wallet

My public address is here:

It says I have received 755.492533 ADA but that’s not true. I’ve received a total of my current balance and have staked my wallet.

Why does it say that’s my lifetime balance when I’ve only received about 500 total?

Its a sum of transactions, you made 1 delegation transaction which used the address as input to pay for fees (and delegation deposit of 2 ADA) and sent remainder to itself.

The tx history and sum is accurate. The ‘out’ does not necessarily mean they went out of your wallet.

Thanks for the explanation. How does this work for tax software? Most (like Cointracker) look at your lifetime balance to see your income. Currently it takes all the amount of crypto I’ve received to determine how much I owe, but in this case it’s not necessarily accurate to say I have 700+ ADA. Is it?

Forgive me if I still don’t understand, I haven’t run into this with other wallets, even ones that stake like Tezos.

It depends on your taxation format, but as you see on, the second transaction in the list is marked as “self” - which is what you would filter as a taxable transaction. However, that would best be guided by an accountant.

UTXO model for wallets may not be very common but it isn’t unique to cardano either.

Ah, I see. Thanks so much for the great answer and response!