Question - wallet address

What address should i use to check on cardanoscan? I see 2 different address on the receive tab, internal and external. Not sure what to use? Thank you!

Doesn’t matter, both belong to the same wallet.
on on top you will see the balance for the address, and in case the wallet is delegated, bellow (total cotrolled stake) you should see the balance for all wallet.


Thank you! Just a follow up, my balance was not showing correctly after redelegating to a different stake pool. So i tried to resync the wallet but after that, the total ada section and the ada balance section on the upper left of the screen has that neverending circle/loading circle. I’m just concerned with my ada. I did checked cardanoscan using the internal wallet address and I see the correct ada on the “controlled total stake” as well as the correct ada rewards available on “rewards available” and it is also now delegates to the correct stakepool i changed into. Am I okay to assume that my ADA are okay and intact and this is just a yoroi issue?

Yes, yoroi sync issues, you can try to restore the wallet (delete from yoroi and restore using the seed words) but only after you check that u have the right seed words.
You can try and also to use the yoroi mobile version… it’s working

Yes! If it is okay on Cardanoscan, you can just wait for Yoroi’s problems to settle.

Thank you and sorry for another follow up.

So i can just ignore the “balance”, “value”, “transaction count”, “tokens” on the upper most portion of cardanoscan? As they are showing 0. But balance shown on the controlled total stake is correct.

It is also shown if the wallet is not delegated.

The real long version: Shelley addresses can be of two kinds – one longer kind, where the stake address is encoded together with the receive address, and a shorter kind, where only the receive address is encoded.

Wallet apps almost exclusively generate the first kind and so all addresses can be connected via their stake address, even if it was not (now) registered and used for delegation. And you can do that on Cardanoscan and other explorers. If the wallet is not delegated, it shows “Inactive” in the stake key paragraph (which also confuses a lot of people into thinking something’s not okay).

At least in, you can also see the shorter, undelegated addresses. I don’t know, what exactly happens if you use one of those. The blockchain would not know that it belongs to the stake address, so you will surely not receive rewards for them. You will also most likely not see balances on those addresses in any other wallet app, but how the ccVault interface handles the distinction between delegated/undelegated balance and which of them I want to spend in a transaction, I’d have to try sometime.

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for this address, you have bellow → see all addresses… .if you click on that button you will see all addresses for this wallet with funds or not

Yes, you can!

You can use “View All Addresses” in the “Controlled Stake Key” paragraph to navigate to your other addresses if you want. There should be all and at them should be all transactions. It’s a bit complicated to navigate if you have a lot of activity, though, since it’s ordered primarily by addresses, not by time.

Got it! I checked that one and it’s all good. Hopefully yoroi issues will be fixed for everyone soon.

Thank you so much for all your help! Really appreciate it!

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