Cardano Social Council - Introduction


Dear Cardano Community, Dear Comrades of our Parsons battle,

The “Guardians of Cardano” couldn´t overcome a critcial Governance Challenge and had to split into two groups. If you are interested in more details on this you should contact both groups in private (@bercinho - Bertalan Vecsei - statement here: … AND @werkof - Markus Gufler - statement here: …). Note that statements will be added later. This was a natural, healthy and positive split, like a cell division in a growing organism, which the Cardano Community is.

Nevertheless having the Foundation Board cleared from Mr. Parsons was only the first step for the reconstruction of the Cardano Foundation. This was the “easy” destructive part of the venture, which we all have originally signed up for …

The second step is on the way having a newly elected, highly professional and capable interim Board of the Foundation to setup a state-of-the-art permanent Board, put in place the key operational capabilities & controls and kick off some very exciting Top-Down initiatives such as the Ambassador Program and the Cardano Hubs initiative. The Cardano power is being finally unleashed to the Community.

The third step, and maybe the most important one is to ensure that the Voice of the Community will have it´s say and eye in the Foundation Board. We would like to ensure this via a Bottom-Up approach. Let us find talented & passionate members from the Community, who are elected by the Community in a democratic, equal opportunity and fair process.

We look forward to the Cardano Foundation to support this approach and trust the wisdom, intelligence and experience of the Community that we may carry out such a program with their support, together we are ready for this! Having 7 - 11+ exceptional members of the Community from all the strategic geographical areas around the World elected by the Community into the Cardano Social Council and having one (or two?) of these Social Council members elected by the Community (or the Social Council members) to represent the Council directly on the Cardano Foundation Board is the proposed way to go.

See more details on this approach here:

If you feel you are fit to become a Social Council Member or even a Board Member then this might be the once in a lifetime opportunity for you! We just need the understanding & amen from the new Board of the Cardano Foundation.

As the “Guardians of Cardano” split we have detached the brand from the social media channels, but kept these assets themselves to live on and support the good cause of the Cardano Social Council.

Once the Cardano Social Council is setup we will immediately delegate all these assets to be handled in the future by the Council itself, where it naturally belongs.

Please be aware that this proposal has it´s absolut legitimacy and relevance and is not an utopistic vision. We get to know at Plutusfest that one Guardian may become a Board Member. Then later some of us realized, the Guardians are seriously disintegrated and this is not a fair process. Everyone in the Community should have it´s chance irrespective if they were not at the right time at the right place in the right state to be part of the Guardians group and we the Community has to elect our representatives ourselves.

Some of us ex-Guardians officially revoked our applications or didn´t even apply (Bert, Eystein, Mihori & Tim) and will fight to let this be a just bottom-up movement and have the best possible outcome.

Fellow members of the Community, let´s make this happen!