Cardano South Florida Zoom Event - K = 500. Why you should care and what you should know?

Cardano South Florida is hosting a Zoom event for anyone who is interested in K = 500. This event will provide you with an extensive and simplistic information about the K perimeter and how it affects your staking dividend yield. We will simplify the following relevant content:

  1. What is the K perimeter and what is it use for
  2. Why is the K perimeter going from 150 to 500
  3. How does K = 500 affect your stake pool and dividend yield (reward)
  4. How to avoid shrinking dividend yield from when K = 500
  5. How to determine if K = 500 will negatively affect you
  6. When and how should you re-delegate before K increases to 500
  7. Q & A – AMA

We look forward to seeing you.

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