Cardano stable coin tweet from Charles


Wouldn’t it be great if our dear Charles makes a simple STABLE test network with reliable trusted nodes before he makes stablecoins ??!!
FOCUS Charles !

You really think he does everything himself? He employs many people, some of them very highly qualified, to design and develop software.

You think the testnet is simple? Try telling that to the stakepool operators.

This one of the silliest posts I’ve seen this year.


Dear @RobJF thank you very much and thanks God that there are smart people like you who help people not as smart as you like me understand things better.
You know, before you enlightened me, I really thought Charles does everything by himself, and he employs nobody! I thought after five years research, producing a testnet which is not really decentralized and depends on IOHK trusted nodes would be simple! But then you gave me the reason that why the testnet is not simple and the reason was that “Try telling that to the stakepool operators.” which is the most powerful and the most convincing reason I’ve seen this year!

Siamans I suggest you look into what you are proposing is not a stable testnet. Yes daedelus wallet has some problems that is getting fixed likely on friday but for wallet users yoroi wallet works fine. The nodes and pools are now very stable. Look at epoch blocks produced it has climbed and now is at a very high rate (3700ish of 4320) A bit to go but definitively improvement and I would charachterize it as quite stable. For example my pool is producing every single block now and only if its a two leader fight for a slot do I sometimes loose a block but that means another pool produced it.


Took the words outta my mouth!!!

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OK so do you really think CH & Co can or should do only one thing at a time?

And do you really think that the testnet is simple?

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Oh great… Have the trolls found their way to the forum now?

I can understand people’s frustrations with delays. If you don’t follow the project very closely it’s hard to get your arms around all the background development that has been going on and the reasons behind it. Most of 2018 felt like staring at the ground waiting for the seed to sprout. We are now starting to see all the work and planning pay off.

Here is one example:

Regarding the stable coin issue I for one am glad that Charles is always one step or more ahead. This quality has allowed him to build IOHK and Cardano to what it is, and more importantly what it may become. In addition to my own research it what inspired a lot of us to hang around during crypto winter when many called the project vaporware. I see some amazing things ahead. Time will tell if I am right but I am optimistic to say the least.


to @Eystein_Hansen and @Donnybaseball , I should say thank you for your respectful and constructive response and to @Josseh80 I should say if someone criticizes Charles and you don’t agree with his criticism, then state your reason why you don’t agree with him, don’t call him names, trolls are the ones who call people names.

if someone says focus on the most important problem you have and don’t divide your limited time and resources among many projects, it doesn’t mean that you should do only one thing at a time, but it does mean that for God’s sake don’t expand your involvement to new projects when you have problem with your main project and you are behind your own schedule.

You criticise CH for looking at the long term for Cardano while there are current issues, but he also has interests that are entirely separate from Cardano, and IOHK has had teams working on other projects since the beginning. The whole picture is much bigger than you seem to realize. He takes criticism for this diversity of interests, but it’s actually the scale of his vision that makes him such a great leader, IMO.

Edit: just watched CH’s latest update. IMO it’s essential viewing, both on testnet stability (up from 40% to 90% even before the big update due tomorrow), and the bigger picture.