Cardano Stack Exchange Proposal left Beta and is live

11 months ago there was a Community initiative to create a Cardano Stack Exchange proposal. After 8 months in public beta, it went public yesterday on February the 3rd 2022 due to a great community effort.

Thanks to all who have asked questions, answered questions, or just voted it up! Keep it up by posting questions and of course most importantly, answers!

Read the announcement on Stack Exchange: Cardano is leaving Beta - Meta Stack Exchange

End of beta stats:

Link to the stats: Cardano - Area 51 - Stack Exchange

Special thanks to all who have pushed this hard: @lavan_a @werkof @laplasz @gRebel-5 @benohanlon

Also especially to the moderators on Cardano Stack Exchange Matthias Sieber (no forum account?) @gRebel-5 and @mmahut.