Please commit to the Cardano StackExchange Proposal (2021)

Cardano StackExchange Proposal cleared the 1st phase yesterday and is now the hottest proposal. In Phase 2, we are looking for 200 people with high reputation (people who have StackExchange accounts like stack overflow, ask different, server fault and what not) accounts to “commit” to the proposal.

“Committing” means basically to participate in the platform for at least three months and asking/answering questions. Please fill in everything honestly. (it doesn’t help us if a horde of people click on something and then don’t come back)

For reference, the old thread was here: Cardano’s Area51 and StackExchange Reputation - #11 by laplasz


thanks @adatainment for the notification; I never would have picked it up from the other thread… FYI for others, by “high reputation” (with respect to the most critical of the 3 criteria) they mean 200 points in any category, a bummer for me since I have 100+ in a few and never thought I would need those points for anything :crazy_face: … all my stack exchange type of energy has gone into the Cardano Forum this year :heart_eyes:

I’ve used StackExchange as needed for years & still found this a little confusing, so…

After creating an account on the “Area 51” site using an existing StackExchange profile, I didn’t know why clicking the “Reputation” tab there showed nothing related to commitment eligibility. Following the link to “network profile” there’s an “accounts” tab, which shows all the scores across all sites (clicking “reputation” will only show sites having 200 points or more, so that’s why it’s blank on the “commitment” page), e.g.:

So if you have more than 200 in any category, the Stack Exchange Proposal needs 100 people like you before it goes ahead (currently only 12). Maybe I can start trolling around the other forums again, to promote my own eligibility to support this proposal :nerd_face:

My statement of support… :sunglasses:

Cardano has all aspects of StackExchange disciplines… development, operations, integration, commercial, and social… wrapped up in one technology.


As of 27 Feb 2021, we need 55 persons with 200+ reputations in any StackOverflow sites. Need the developer community support.


I got 20k points on SO, but when I went to commit, it did not recognise my account and it created a new account.

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You would have created an account in Area 51 but your reputation in SO should have been taken in to account. Can you please confirm the network profile.


You can check network profile here please