Cardano - Stack Exchange Proposal 2021

Cardano - Stack Exchange Proposal 2021

Written by @adatainment of the Cardano Foundation


We are excited to announce that we are making good progress on the Cardano Stack Exchange proposal. The proposal has already cleared the 1st phase, where the goal was to get enough users with sample questions and a certain number of ratings in a short time.

Now in Phase 2, we need the help of 100 people with a high reputation (people who have Stack Exchange accounts (like Stack Overflow, Ask Different, Server Fault) to “commit” to the proposal. “Committing” simply means that you are promising to participate in the platform for at least three months by asking/answering questions.

You will find the link to committing to the proposal at the bottom of the proposal page. Please fill in everything honestly (it doesn’t help if people promise to participate and then don’t come back!).

With your help, we can build a reference library of high-quality questions and answers to accelerate learning, usability and trust for Cardano. A wide spectrum of knowledge and experience on this site will help developers to find the answers they need about using Cardano.

Commit to the proposal here.

Not yet on Stack Exchange? Here’s how you can help

If you are not already a member of Stack Exchange, please create an account on, fill out the profile, get the first badges, get your first reputation, visit the Cardano - Area 51 - Stack Exchange proposal, and then, follow Cardano Area 51 (button in the upper left corner).

We also created a Telegram Working group for the proposal. Please feel free to use the invite link if you are interested in joining us in building the Cardano StackExchange.

Telegram: Join the Stack Exchange group chat

What is Stack Exchange?

If for some reason you don’t know what Stack Exchange is, we would like to clarify that this has nothing to do with a crypto exchange. Stack Exchange is simply a network of question-and-answer-style websites or portals dedicated to different topics in diverse fields.

Questions, answers, and users on the Stack Exchange portals are subject to a reputation award process to rank high-quality contributions and contributors higher in result pages. You can explore the Stack Exchange portals and see their visualizations by size and use here.

Read more about how you can get involved in Cardano below:


previous discussion (can’t see why this earlier thread on the same subject wasn’t linked):

The Private Beta has been released!

Q&A for users and developers of the Cardano cryptocurrency ecosystem

We need your help

This site is currently in a limited private beta. We need your help to ask and answer interesting questions to prepare this site for opening day. Vote for your favorites to encourage more like it!

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