Cardano’s Area51 and StackExchange Reputation

Hi Guys
As you may have noted, Cardano is attempting to take the next step in StackExchange’s Area51 to reach the beta phase. Proposal Removed - Area 51 - Stack Exchange
This is not as easy as the previous “please place a click” steps were, because of this commitment
phase has 3 challenging criteria’s.


As you can see this phase has (only) reached 24% because it’s the minimum score of the three criterias.

Criteria 1:
reach at least 200 committers => we need another ~80 users.

Criteria 2:
up to now only 24 of at least 100 committers fulfil this criterion. So we need another 76 committers with at least 200 reputation points on any StackExchange portal. The most known is probably StackOverflow where developers can find ask and get almost any answer. But there are many more and not only for developer and internet experts: All Sites - Stack Exchange

Criteria 3:
all committers together must show some recent activity on all other Stack-portals

IMHO criteria 3 will be reached as soon as we solve the most challenging one: criteria 2

If you create a new login on StackOverflow you will earn your first reputation point.
This site shows more information on how and how much reputation points you can earn. Tour - Stack Overflow

This is not that easy as it looks like because this system and community is very restrictive and aggressively moderating any attempt to “just collect some reputation points”. It aims to have very high quality answers to all kind of questions, without many duplicates. And a very lot is already asked and answered.

I tried to answer to one of Ruslan’s questions (he posted some years ago)

by pointing him to another answer

this attempt was commented and then blocked between minutes by two other guys because I didn’t flag it but only wrote a comment.
The problem is: as long as you don’t have earned at least 15 points it’s not possible to “simply” flag a question as a duplicate to another question/answer. So when you are a new user you first have to contribute with some real answers. One accepted answer will bring you +10 points. You need 200 points to move Cardanos commitment phase from 24 to 25%

Looking around a little bit I found something unanswered where I could easily contribute my knowledge:

and so I earned my first 10 points.

So, what’s all this about?
IMHO simply asking for some commitment clicks seems not enough to me to reach the next step (beta site) in 2018.
It looks like User “TeeJay” proposed this site (User TeeJay - Area 51 - Stack Exchange) and his user description is “tech enthusiast on a learning curve. Working with IOHK to support global marketing, awareness and delivery of Cardano” So it looks more like a promotion idea and not a from-for-developers thing.
Other crypto projects like IOTA and Stellar are already at beta level and see there how difficult it will become without real developer interests and contribution: iota - Area 51 - Stack Exchange

IMHO it’s not simply done by


First of all, we would need some attention pointed to this criteria 2. It’s not enough to reach 200 (newbie) committers!
And this means we need some people with existing reputation (where, how, why, …?) or at the very least invite people to collect reputation on SE sites.

I also wonder if one some the developer guru’s at IOHK (I believe they have hired Superman right?) have some reputation or some DEV colleagues who could jump in?

Please don’t get me wrong: I’m only in favour of either doing something neat or letting stay at all. (at least until the right time comes)

(Feel free to eat all grammar and spelling errors)


Do we need stackexchange? This forum seems ok.

I certainly wouldn’t try to push this, if it happens it happens.

In some ways it would better for them not to get it, if devs continue to use this forum, there will be more traffic and therefore higher SEO for this site. If all the devs move to stackexchange, then the flow goes over there.


Thank you for this thought. Indeed it’s what I meant with

I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t just happen, even if they continue to invite people to commit without giving a slightly deeper insight about the effective requirements.

I commited but it doesn’t really help because I - like many others - have not enough reputation there. As long as it grows by +1% each week from that few commiters with the mattering SE reputation, it will take ~1-2 years to reach beta phase, where then the challenges are another step higher.
In this case, it would become a very long ongoing show on how to NOT achieve a goal.

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getting a spot on stack exchange benefits stack exchange.

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So you mean we shouldn’t?
I have no opinion on this but just seen today that it was also mentioned at (second paragraph)

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ok. well if IOHK want it, then I hope they get it.

There is a new attempt to go through the activation phases of Stackexchange to establish a proper Cardano site. We have to get together to avoid that all the effort we are putting in this will not get deleted after 90, 200, or 300 days.

To be successful, we need to succeed in different stages. Proposal sites remain in beta for at least 90 days to build up a critical mass of users, questions, and participation. We need to go through a few levels/stages. With a goal of:

10 questions per day

90% of the questions should get answered

100 core users depending on reputation

2.5 answers per questions

1500 visits per day

What you can do: if you are not already part of Stack Exchange, please register an account on, fill out the profile, get first badges, get first reputation, follow Cardano Area 51 on Cardano - Area 51 - Stack Exchange (button in the upper left corner)

We also created a Telegram Working group on this. Please feel free to use the invite link if you are interested in building the Cardano StackExchange Telegram: Join Group Chat


Dear members,
I speak as a aspiring programmer with little resource and not that smart.

  1. Stack Exchange is a great platform which has enabled number of people to ride of Giants and pass off as programmers.
  2. It also helps in identification of sharp minds.
  3. The engagement protocol is rigorous and time tested.
    Being a open protocol both ways. Cardano presence in stackexchage will become a major catalyst to attract programmers to the platform.
    Request build up support and give the community a sustainable helper.

Hey @Lavan_A, welcome! Great so see you here in the Cardano forum. :wave:

what questions would be asked on cardano.stackExchange which can not be asked here or in stackoverflow? thx!

Edit I know that stackexChange is the best Q&A site, so maybe cardano forum could be used mainly for discussions. Ok, I join, and I also invite others…

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@adatainment @werkof do you think it is worth to pin this topic on Developers category? and on Delegation - Operating a stake Pool subcategory?


The latest attempt at achieving a dedicated Cardano Q&A site on StackExchange is now at 69%
It need 31 more members with 200+ reutation on other StackExchange sites to get to the Beta stage. The biggest advantages I see VS this site is the ability for the best answers to be voted up to the top of an asked question and the broader community it will apply to e.g. it will add Cardano community members that are not covered here such as Catalyst members and general Cardano users.

Please sign up at: Cardano - Area 51 - Stack Exchange


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The stackexchange proposal is now at 94%


99% . There has been a network effect within the developers visiting SE and the Plutus Pioneer Program.

hope the best for the site - but I think it is worth to collect thoughts on what content the forum cardano should be the main source.
So for example if someone ask things about operating a stake pool here - should we inform the person that there is a new site where you can ask such questions as well?
or just let decide the community which site they will use
sure both sites need moderators

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I see it this way:
we can’t enforce anyone to use this or another medium/channel/site
We can ask the usual supporters and replyers to not give quick answers on chat-style channels anymore, because such answers are quickly lost in the continuously up scrolling stream. instead, forums and the stack-exchange format create a mid/long term knowledge-base, indexed by search engines. and it’s easy to link people whit repeating questions there.

The Cardano beta site will only survive if we find enough people asking and answering questions.

In my opinion it should be possible to cover a very wide area of topics, from theory (research, formulas, consensus, protocol, …) to pool operation, standards, APIs, up to metadata, native tokens, smart contracts, Plutus, IELE-compatible languages ecc.

By tagging the questions with main categories such as staking, smartcontract, spo, ouroboros, … we should be able to keep them somehow organized and filterable

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