Cardano stake pool .. success eludes me

Hi Hash,

This gent is having the same problem:

You might be able to follow the thread above to achieve a solution.

Also, if you’re serious about becoming a stake pool operator, I strongly recommend spending some time here and there reviewing Linux tutorials - it doesn’t come overnight but it certainly does come

Your friend, FROG


Thanks for the kind words of encouragement my friend

My pleasure, Hash - we all start somewhere

Keep trying - I will be here

The big takeaway from the link I posted above is you can use the pwd command to identify the full path of whatever working directory you are in - so if you navigate to where your config files are, just type pwd to identify the full path to those files


You could join the Cardano Shelley & Stakepool Best Practice Workgroup on Telegram, there is a lot of info and you can search on tags from the errors you are getting. I got a lot of info out of that chat.
Don’t give up :slight_smile:

Regards, MICRO pool

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