Cardano Stake Rewards (CSR) Introduction

Hello Cardano Stakeholders!

I’d like to introduce you to the Cardano Stake Rewards pool. We have been around since the first Shelley epoch 211. Since that first epoch we have been working hard to keep our pool up to date and ready to mint blocks.

As a small pool we have been able to mint a couple of blocks and provide a current lifetime ROS of 5.64%.

Let our servers work for you to earn rewards on your stake!

Name: Cardano Stake Rewards
Facebook: Cardano Stake Rewards - Home | Facebook
Pool ID: 3f410945cd86c4352dd8ba3adb5422fef965487886af3450ee49c39e

Ticker: CSR
Margin: 1%
Fixed Cost: 340 ₳

You can track our success on below.

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