Cardano-submit-api arm binary

Hello everyone, I have faced a lot of issues while trying to build/install cardano-node/cli into a arm64 server before, but there are ways to find the compiled arm64 version of those binaries, not the case of the cardano-submit-api, that I only have found in the amd64 version.

I tried to install cabal, update, have been facing a lot of issues (now just facing dependencies over dependencies issues), and I’m wondering, does someone compiled the binary to arm successfully and have it to share? I just wanted to share a node with some community members…


Have u seen this guide before?


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Hi Alex! Thanks for the reply!

Seems that the lovely guys from Armada just started compiling cardano-submit-api as well with the other binaries after 1.33.1 update! (Or they started before and I totally missed), thanks for the help!

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