Cardano Summit 2022 - Project Catalyst breakout session

Project Catalyst has moved through 9 funding rounds, growing each time in budget size, number of proposals, number of voters, or all three; sometimes, the growth between rounds is best measured in multiples, not just increments. This growth marks a kind of success, but it has also stress-tested the simple structures we started with, exposing all the weak spots. After Fund 9, IOG paused the project to avoid that famous mark of insanity: repeating the same thing and expecting a different result. To that end, leaders at IOG have posited that Project Catalyst needs a charter: a formal statement of the scope and purpose of the experiment. Something we can all aim toward and measure against. Thus far, measuring the success of Project Catalyst has been done with pretty blunt tools: attracting participants and voters, and the mere fact that many funding rounds have been executed was really the first measure of success! But now it is time to mature, put away the yardsticks and measuring tapes, and agree on more sophisticated metrics.

At the 2022 Summit main event in Lausanne Switzerland, one breakout meeting went back to the basics - discussing what VALUES should underpin a new charter for Project Catalyst.

6 Potential Values were proposed and discussed.
Additional values were proposed by those in attendance, and added to the list for consideration.

My article about the 6 proposed values and the ensuing discussions is found here!