Catalyst Weekly #56 - Fund9 Voter Rewards & Upcoming Events

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Last week, my closing part of this intro was about Fund9 Voting Rewards. I am delighted to announce that Voter Rewards have been allocated in the first half of the current epoch 374. Since these arrive at your rewards’ address just like staking rewards - if you’ve cast at least one vote - you will be able to spend your voter rewards from the start of epoch 375. Which is - already today. Not sure how to check? See this support article or this tweet.

But there’s a lot more happening, let’s check it all out together. Follow me below.


Town Hall

Catalyst Town Halls are currently suspended in lieu of a cooldown period. The broadcast is expected to resume in a couple of weeks. There will be no Town Hall next week - Nov 16.

:bulb: Next: To be announced. Register now via this recurring link.

The Cardano Summit and Project Catalyst


Project Catalyst is an organic organism relying on individuals to come together and innovate toward a common goal. Therefore, it is vital to remain fluid and dynamic to meet the demands of an ever-changing and fast-paced environment. Charting a course toward a goal becomes easier if there is a clear destination.

At next week’s Cardano Summit, IOG’s Project Catalyst team is running a workshop to help define and shape the future direction of Project Catalyst. To start, Project Catalyst needs a Charter that provides a framework to empower the community to self-determine the next era of Project Catalyst.

The workshop will be an opportunity for us to discuss and propose statements to be included in the first draft, with the ambition to complete a V.01. This will then head on a virtual roadshow for much more deliberation and iterations with all parts of the community before we have a fully-fledged V1.

If you’re heading to Lausanne next week we’d love you to join the conversation!

Note: We’re on Day 1 (20.11.2022) and the workshop kicks off at 13:30 (Swiss/CET time). If you’d like to join the working group RSVP here (this is an in-person event - space is limited so please do RSVP in advance).

Catalyst Circle Election


Catalyst Circle elections are currently in a holding pattern as the community awaits an announcement by the DripDropz team on vote readiness. The platform is not ready yet but their team is working diligently on getting things ready for the community.

Meanwhile, you can leverage this Cardano Forum post to coordinate and connect community-led events and twitter spaces for Catalyst Circle Candidates to present themselves to the Community. Wish to learn about Candidates, check in here. Even better - check out this brand-new playlist curated by the community with many short clip statements.

:dizzy: If you are reading about Catalyst Circle for the first time, I encourage you to read this initial blog post that introduced the idea and also this most recent forum post that outlines recent developments.

Framework: Side-Treasury, Working Group, Task Force


The PA/vPA Operations Treasury research resulted in a hierarchical framework designed with principles of decentralisation, accountability and flexibility in mind.

Side-Treasuries can apply and win funding from Project Catalyst. Each one should have a charter and a clearly stated purpose. For example, to improve the PA/vPA process.

Under each Side-Treasury, Working groups can be set up. These have an even more limited scope, for example, to improve the Proposal Assessor Guidelines, vPA incentives model.

Within each Working Group, temporary Task Forces can be spun up. These focus on something even more narrow, for example, Criteria for Excellent Assessments. All of the above groups have some form of the membership process. Currently, Task Forces are the ones that define Bounties. A person does not have to go through any type of membership application process to submit work for a Bounty.

If this framework proves to be useful, the hope was that more community members can spin up their own Side Treasuries, Working Groups, and Task Forces. Each with the freedom to choose their own purpose and governance model. You can continue reading more about it here.

Any doubts? Suggestions? Let the community know via PA/vPA telegram chat or discord channel here. You should also visit community channels in the Catalyst Discord direct as well for more conversations.

Member Based Organizations (MBOs)

Tommy Kammerer from Cardano Foundation’s Community Team Director started a thread to curate conversations about this concept of MBOs. There aren’t concrete details out yet, but you can get some head start on some of the initial community perspectives already. Check Tommy’s words:

“Since Charles (Hoskinson, CEO of IOG) did the video about the Cardano roadmap and Governance 3 4 months ago, we can hear more and more short format channel mentions about “members-based organization” (MBO) in Cardano Community but rarely see long format discussions about it, so why not start some?”

“In this context, also thanks to @Michael.Liesenfelt who has already started a topic yesterday with some concrete suggestions under CIP - Cardano Members Based Organization 13. In this post, I’d like to take one step back and start the discussion much more fundamentally. Also to pick up people who may not have thought about it at all until now?”

Continue reading and participate in the conversation HERE.

IO ScotFest (Last Call)

‘IO ScotFest; the age of Voltaire’ is a 2-day virtual event showcasing what has been achieved so far, and celebrating what we have to look forward to. Over 20+ keynotes and presentations featuring project updates and new announcements will be live-streamed to the community across our official channels for you to watch and engage with throughout.

In addition to this, on the evening of Friday, November 18th, the Input Output team will be hosting an exclusive Cardano community meetup in Edinburgh, to kick off the Cardano Summit weekend. If you are interested in joining us, please make sure to formally register your interest HERE and save the date. Places are limited.

If you’re not in the UK but would like to join one of the summit meetups, check out the list of community-led events happening around the world here.

Catalyst Campus Train


The Campus Train kicks off this week on Sat. November 12, 2022 with students & entrepreneurs converging at Regional Library, Tamale for an exclusive & intensive training on Cardano and Project Catalyst. Want to know more? Make sure to reach out to Mustapha via tweet here.

Global Policy House Panel


If you are somewhere local, check out the event co-hosted by Wada next coming week. Make sure to reach out to them to reserve your spot. Let us know how it went.

Voteaire’s Project Milestones


“The VOTEAIRE Escrow Smart Contract proposal is being funded in FUND9 Project Catalyst. In this article, we’ll list the key milestones for the project and will provide some further details about Milestone 1 and its key performance indicators. Before jumping into the technical aspects, we’d like to once again say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who voted for us and made it happen.”

“In planning this project, we have identified a fundamental challenge that DAOs face based on Cardano’s current state of tooling for the automatic distribution of funds based on a governance vote. One of the main problems to solve is translating Voteaire ballot results into a format that will be readable by smart contracts. Solving this problem will have a significantly wider impact than simply our Escrow contract on its own.” Continue reading HERE.

Catalyst Project Completions

290+ projects have been completed to date by submitting their self-reported close-out reports and videos. There is so much goodness taking place in this ecosystem. Navigate to the COMPLETED tab to keep track of all their work. Not seeing your favorite project completed yet? You can check their progress on other tabs and also the monthly reporting output documents. Save the links below:

Are spreadsheets a little too much? Leverage community tools like Lido Nation which you can find here.

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