Catalyst Circle Candidate Events

Hey there :slight_smile:
This Chat here is to coordinate and connect community led events and twitter spaces for Catalyst Circle Candidates to present themself to the Community.

If you have a strong Twitter account/presence and you’d like to open a space for candidates, drop a note and let Candidates know how they can sign up and join your space.

Once your Space/Event is scheduled, community will help to promote your call.

If you want to use another platform to host a Circle Candidate call ( E.g Zoom/Google Meet ) feel free to schedule your space

Appreciate any help & engagement :green_heart:

More about Candidates, check in here
More about the Catalyst Circle, check this one


Twitter Space held with 11 of the Catalyst Circle candidates present, shares perspectives and views of these individuals:


Actually, 11 were invited. I believe we had 5, maybe 6 join us.
I’ll schedule another space for the same time this coming Sunday, and invite another 10 of the candidates, and hopefully we’ll have another great conversation!

I will post the link in here when I’ve created it.


Sunday! 11/06 @1500 UTC

Hey, just scheduled my Space. Want to get a reminder?


Hey all, I’ll organise one of these Catalyst Circle via my channel.

There are a lot of people there!

I want to represent a broad spectrum of candidates, but this list is so broad.

Considering people’s attention span is limited (7 mins), I have no idea how to cater for this.


Thank you for clarifying sir! Looking forward to it :+1:

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hey there @astroboysoup
thanks a lot for stepping up and hosting a space on your channel :slight_smile:
do you plan to use Twitter or another Platform ?

what could work quite well is to send out an invitation to Candidates, figuring out who may attend and to define a schedule based on signed up candidates
( we can help to send out the invite to the candidates and to define the schedule )


The Cardano Over Coffee Crew would like to host an open space tomorrow for the circle nominees at 2:30 pm UTC. Also sending invites to nominees dms.


For curious viewers that want to know more about the mention of DisCos during some of the conversations, here is some background:

And I also mentioned a significant amount of research was put into the development of the Haier group regarding how a organization can leverage decentralized communication within the community:

I was informed of this tool that is still being developed, but if you find it useful you could contribute to it as well. In a later stage it is intended to make it easier to navigate the Catalyst Map, get access to all the different communities out there that interact with Catalyst, search for calendar events within all these communities, and see what is going on in the general space of Catalyst.


Some additional information about Catalyst Circle:

An introduction to the vision of catalyst Circle in the earliest stage

Github repo for oversight of the Circle

The QA DAO oversight of Circle (v1)

The QA DAO oversight of Circle (v2)

The QA DAO oversight of Circle (v3)

Catalyst Circle news and updates from representatives (fairly outdated but still valuable)

Catalyst Parameters slide deck (Introduction)

Purpose of Circle Focus recording:

Circle Dynamics:

Circle Accountability Model:


I will do more of this if people want or elect me.

My work: Legal Framework that Goes With My Catalyst Nomination for Those Interested in Governance - #8 by Official_Jornlr

There was a Town Hall (11/2/2022) with 3 breakout rooms holding many of the candidates. Here are some of the links to the recording:

Room 1: Cardano Catalyst Circle Townhall Room 1 - YouTube

Room 2: Cardano Catalyst Circle Townhall Room 2 - YouTube

Room 3: Cardano Catalyst Circle Townhall Room 3 - YouTube


I am just curious if this has been initiated? I sometimes dont see messages on platforms like Twitter so just checking in to see if this is still an idea that others want to see. I also like the idea of providing the community with take-aways and a call to action to participate in the voting, but more than that the ideation of what is to come for Catalyst

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huuu :slight_smile:
Yup, some twitter spaces took place… but seems that folks didnt yet posted links here XD

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Congratulations to the newly elected members, and wish them all the best. Looking forward to seeing Catalyst Circle as active as possible.