WITHDREW - Allusian - Platform Statement

Do you have, at least 6 months, or more experience in Project Catalyst?


Describe the Community Roles in which you have participated at Project Catalyst (e.g. Voter, Proposer, PA, vPA, Challenge Team, etc.)

Voter, Proposer, PA

What key ideas or issues would you like to champion as a representative at the Catalyst Circle?

Community Engagement and Outreach

How do you intend to measure your engagement?

Discord Calls, Threads and 1-on-1 Office Hours; Twitter Spaces; Sub-circles

Is there anything else you would like voters to know as to why you would be a good fit for this seat on the Circle?

Founding Core Contributor at ADAO with experience in Community Management/Engagement, Public Relations and Marketing, Networking, Organizing and Writing.