Fund 12 Launch event & Catalyst FC

The number twelve has always held high significance. There are twelve zodiac signs, twelve calendar months, twelve hours on the clock. Perhaps it is no coincidence that some big changes are being introduced or refined in Cardano’s Project Catalyst twelfth iteration.

Fund 12 is here! kicking off with a grand event in Barcelona on April 26,2024. The launch was attended by hundreds in person across different locations and online through 14 live streams with cake! With 50 million ada up for grabs, this round welcomes proposals for prototypes, moonshots, and everything in between. You can learn more about Project Catalyst here :

This time, Project Catalyst is all about community involvement, and they’re trying something new. Enter Catalyst Working Groups (CWGs), where Cardano enthusiasts come together to brainstorm and shape the future of Catalyst. For a full schedule of this series of working groups and related outputs, bookmark

Fund 12 introduces new categories for proposals, including one tailored for larger companies. Additionally, the formation of Catalyst Foundation Company - Catalyst FC, aims to provide legal clarity for funded projects.

As the Cardano Foundation considers redefining its role in Catalyst, discussions on its substantial voting power emerge. This shift sparks discussions about its implications. What are your thoughts on this evolving participation? Let’s chat about it! :ballot_box::speech_balloon:

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