Cardano Summit 2023 Community-Led Event Success in Kumasi, Ghana

Hey :wave: Cardano Community,

I am delighted to share the success of the Cardano Summit 2023 Community-Led Event (CLE) in Kumasi, Ghana, held on Saturday, November 4, 2023, under the theme “Blockchain for Social Impact.”

Event Overview:

  • Registrations: The event garnered significant interest with over 50 registrations, and we were pleased to welcome 40+ participants who checked in on the day.
  • Speakers: Five distinguished speakers contributed their insights to the summit.

Speaker Sessions:
1. Afia Owusu: Presented on the summit’s theme and highlighted the activities of WADA (Women in Ada).

2. Mohammed Mustapha Yakubu: Discussed the founder, aims, and use-cases of Cardano. Additionally, provided a practical session on Cardano wallet creation using Emurgo’s Yoroi wallet.

3. Alhassan Yaminu: Delved into the significance of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) on the Cardano Blockchain.

4. Nathaniel Dwamena: Shared valuable insights on Cardano governance, dReps (decentralized representatives), and CIP 1694.

5. Jeremiah Baani: Concluded the summit with a presentation on Cardano’s Project Catalyst, introducing and onboarding participants into this exciting initiative.

Engagement and Participation:

  • Participants successfully created accounts on, gearing up for various roles in the upcoming Fund11 launching on November 15.
  • The sessions provided an excellent platform for networking, learning, and sharing among participants.


  • To enhance the overall experience, we provided snacks, water, and lunch for all attendees, fostering a comfortable and enjoyable environment.



  • We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Cardano Foundation, especially to @Nicolas, @dennyb2010 et al, for the support. Also thank the speakers for their invaluable contributions, my team @seiduziblim et al, for their unwavering support, and finally the participants for their active engagement.

This event served as an educational platform and strengthened the Cardano community in Kumasi. We look forward to continued growth and collaboration in future events.

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences from the summit from where you participated; main stage, community-led or virtually ?:slight_smile:


It’s truly inspiring to witness the dedicated efforts you and your team have invested in nurturing the growth of the Cardano Community in Ghana. Your commitment rightfully earns you the distinction of being the most active Cardano Community in the entire African continent.

Thank you, Mohammed

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Thank you for the kind words, Denicio!