Cardano Summit 2023 Johannesburg

I am happy to inform you all that the Cardano Summit 2023 Johannesburg went well. Despite challenges, we managed to give attendees a nice Cardano experience they will never forget.

It was not the type of summit we are used to: where delegates are passive and often bombarded with inspirational speeches. This one was live and focused on building a self sustaining and consistent Cardano Community.

Most delegates were new to Cardano and most delegates are graduating IT tertiary students from Richfield College. I must say thanks to Catalyst Africa Town Hall for support, thanks to Richfield College: The Newtown Campus Student Representative Council President attended in person. I cannot forget to thank Nana Safo, Anushka from Atala Prism and also to thank all other Cardano community members who wished us well and who will come support us in the future as we grow Cardano in Africa.

Here is part 1

  1. Video of Cardano Summit 2023 Johannesburg Part 1
  1. Cardano Africa Live website

Here is our website platform where all our events are recorded. Thanks a lot to all who will read and support our effort. Together we will grow Cardano.