Cardano Turkiye 🇹🇷: we aim to enhance Cardano's recognition and acceptance in Turkey

Hello there, it is now possible to access extensive content about Cardano in Turkish!

[TURK] Cardano Turkiye :tr: runs Turkey’s only Cardano Stake Pool. Our dedicated team prepares guidebooks in Turkish, follows the most recent developments in blockchain technology, and shares all these at

According to the data provided by the World Economic Forum, Turkey - which has the youngest population in the entire Europe - is the leading country in Europe, and the fourth in the World, in terms of embracing cryptocurrencies. Yet unfortunately, daily trading transactions constitute the majority use of cryptocurrencies in Turkey.

Although Turkish users are extremely open to innovations, they are unable to learn about the true nature and possibilities of cryptocurrencies due to the language barrier. In addition to this, there exists a considerable prejudice against Cardano and a Cardano community has been yet established in Turkey.

As [TURK] Cardano Turkiye :tr:, we aim to help change the bias against Cardano and enhance its recognition and acceptance in Turkey by producing informative articles and videos about Cardano in Turkish, from the basics to the frontiers of the system.

Our main principle is to produce all these contents independently and, thus, we are trying to ensure our independence with [TURK] Cardano Turkiye :tr: Stake Pool.

We will be very happy to see you among us.

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Welcome to the community TURK pool! And welcome to Cardano to Turkey!


Hi Ben, thank you for the warm welcome. We’re thrilled to collaborate with such a friendly community.