Cardano + UN Refugee Agency + TURF NFTs + a Very Good Dog

In our previous article we discussed the origins of the partnership between Cardano and UNHCR at the 2022 Cardano Summit. It is, as far as we’ve been able to find, the first time a philanthropic organization has started its own blockchain staking pool as a way to generate sustainable funding. We hope it won’t be the last, but before this model becomes more popular, there is a lot to learn about how to make it really work. I spoke to Alvaro Cosi, Head of Innovation at Switzerland for UNHCR, about how the Cardano community is jumping in and laying the stepping stones for their continuing journey.

Read more at Lido Nation about the new partnerships between UNHCR and TURF, NMKR and HOSKY to aid the fundraising effort for the refugee cause: