Cardano-Vasil Hardfork Wallet Question

Hello guys, In terms of Vasil Hardfork, am I supposed to do something with my Yoroi wallet in order to be ready,or everything will be automatically?Thank you!

No you dont have to do anything if you are only “storing” your ADA on a wallet.

Only stakepool operators have to update their nodes.

End users using light wallet apps have to do nothing at all. In the hopefully unlikely case that your wallet app provider (Yoroi) has problems with the hard fork, you can switch to another one (Eternl, Typhon, Flint, …), easily.

End users using Daedalus have to watch out for an update of Daedalus, since the node contained inside has to be brought to the new node version before the hard fork.

Guys, be carefull ,there’s a lot of scammers out there,I have received some live chat support" page and there I have received a message which says I gotta connect my wallet and activate my tokens(of course I’ve didn’t do that,hope my wallet is save)just be carefull!

If you get scam messages in this forum, please report them to the moderators with the flag in the lower right corner of the message, so that we can ban those scammers.

thank you,my wallet is save right?I have only chated with them,no downloads,no connections,I’ve just open my wallet in my browser to make sure that everything is ok and seems fine for now.

As you describe it. Yeah, it’s safe.

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thanks,I’ve flagged that guy on the forum